Wardrobe of Wonder

Will you try it on? Wonderous handmade clothing and accessories spill from trunks. Sift through the treasures and admire the work. Then try them on and we’ll take your photo!

Apart from the Shantay designers who will be showing a look each, we’re very excited to showcase the following designers who are generously contributing items to the Wardrobe of Wonder.

Deborah Block of CAMILLE FASHIONS “Camille Fashions is eco-friendly clothing and accessories because is it made out of used clothing and repurposed materials. Creating use for otherwise waste reduces our carbon footprint.”

Camille Fashions is providing many winter accessories and several articles of clothing, most made from repurposed materials. Other Camille designs are sold at You and Me, 2114B Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, 55405. Please visit the website Camillefashions.com, or email Camillefashions@gmail.com.

Bridget Thuemmel of DRAWFOUR DESIGNS “Unique designs, custom crafted.”

DrawFour Designs is providing two hand knit pieces. You can contact Bridget at (612) 964-9382, purchase her patterns on Ravelry.com, and email her at DrawFourDesigns@gmail.com.

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