On Ice!

We moved thee Shantay yesterday, she now resides on Medicine Lake. Floating on top of what ice there is. Our group architects designed thee Shantay clamshell/mobile home style. Causing us to make two trips with two large pieces, but saving us from a long construction day out on the ice. Now that thee Shantay is … Continue reading

Progress Report

The Shantay is shaping up. Today was a very long and productive build day, and we’re looking forward to a few more before the big move to Medicine Lake this weekend. The first day of the Shanties is a short week away (see you there!), and we’re uncharacteristically hoping for colder weather. Let’s all hope … Continue reading

Progress Report

We’re builders and we’re building. Here’s what we’ve done so far. It’s beginning to take shape, thanks to our carpenter men. Next build day is expected to be much colder than this one. Hot coffee/tea donations will be accepted and greatly welcomed. Donuts too. Don’t forget the donuts. More updates soon! Click on the photo … Continue reading

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