Our group of designers and artists is interested in taking patrons on a treasure hunting,
dress-up, fashion journey. Inspired by frozen winds and pioneering voyages, we aim to recall
the romanticism of winters of yore. Inside an attic of sorts explorers can choose to don an
array of specially created fashion garments. Through the mere act of selecting an article of
clothing, wearers can simultaneously imagine themselves as someone else, transport their
minds through time and space and protect their bodies from the cold. We invite the public
into a surreal, yet intimate space in which they become the models for whimsical and
innovative design.

We propose to construct an art shanty resembling an archetypal grandmother’s attic. The roof
of the house meets the ice, suggesting that the remainder of this lovely Victorian manor rests
on the bottom of Medicine Lake. Although the other stories appear to have been overtaken by
an apocalyptic flood or some other natural disaster, the attic peacefully crests the surface of
the lake and remains phenomenally in tact. Light wafts through its ancient ceiling boards,
pigeons and spiders roost in the rafters and the floor is covered with mysterious trunks. These
chests will be stocked with beautiful, unique, winter-themed items crafted by local designers
and community members. Those who wander into the disembodied top floor will be
encouraged to rummage through these mysterious trunks, try things on, and document their
transformations in a photo booth.

The five fashion designers in our group will each make four to five looks to be shared at the
shanty. All accomplished fashionistas, the majority of us having designed for Voltage:
Fashion Amplified and Fashion Sabbath. Pairing ourselves with an equally skilled set of three
professional builders, we are well armed to see our vision through.

Those inspired by our handmade items can contribute a few stitches to the “community
cloak”. A collar and basic framework will start a cloak that will be constructed by Attic
visitors. An array of fabric pieces and yarns will be provided for those interested in adding to
or embroidering the cape. For designers interested in getting more involved, a call for
submissions will be made. Asking them to lend their warm winter garments to be displayed
and worn in our photo booth and fashion shows. This gives anyone the opportunity to have
their work styled and seen in a new way.

Photo booth portraits will be uploaded to a photo-sharing site. All will be able
to view the photo booth stylings and inspirations online. The precious and exclusive
reputation of fashion changes in the minds of participants. Illusive runway looks become
accessible. This shanty attracts lovers of fashion as well as introduces others to a new way of
viewing garments. The fun and stunning images will also serve and an enticement to new
Attic and Art Shanty town visitors willing to brave the cold.

We hope to motivate the public to create their own stylings by producing a uniquely styled
fashion show each day the shanties are open. Using the looks we have created and community
submissions, a new theme will direct the style every weekend. Employing ourselves and
volunteers as models, we will mystify and entertain shanty goers. We aim to host one large
runway show on the last day of the shanties. By this time we hope to have a healthy wardrobe
of our own work, community submissions and a completed cloak. It will be an event to
culminate thee Sashay Shantay experience.

Thee Sashay Shantay Team is

Alex Schroeder , Carly Schoen, Danielle Everine, Emrys Stramer, Leif Ogren, Lela Horst-Baumann, Lindsay Rhyner, Matt Miller, and Rachel Blomgren.



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