On Ice!

We moved thee Shantay yesterday, she now resides on Medicine Lake. Floating on top of what ice there is. Our group architects designed thee Shantay clamshell/mobile home style. Causing us to make two trips with two large pieces, but saving us from a long construction day out on the ice. Now that thee Shantay is home, the group is focusing on interior decoration, long sewing days, and hoping for freezing temps. With only a few days to go till opening weekend, can we do it? Why, of course! We’re the Sashay Shantay team. We can do anything and look good doing it!

Part of the Movers Group

What a marvelous mechanical advantage!

Objects in mirror...

Towing power.

A shanty within a shantay.

Easing it down the slope.

Half Shantay on ice.

Prepping the trailer for the second half.

Shantay Unite!

Zamboni Lindsay.

Putting her up on skis.

At the end of the day, the sun goes down and the Shantay is home.

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  1. Holy Herring says:

    […] have arrived. The Shantay now resides on Medicine lake! Check out thee Sashay Shantay website for a bigger, longer update. I must get back to […]

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